Writing, game design, general shenanigans. Specializing in LARP, blogging, and tiny browser games.

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I’m currently available for consultation and commission for any tabletop, digital, and live action games you may be working on. I’m also open to staff live action games. Contact me to discuss details.

About Me

My name is Halden Ingwersen, but you may know me as Halden Ing or Grendel. I’m a professional editor, writer, and game designer.

I love talking about live action gaming in all its iterations and nuances, so feel free to reach out about it, or, better yet, join me at one of my games – I was formerly involved with Dystopia Rising, and am now working on three other live action projects.

In my personal life I’m an avid gamer, reader, and traveller. I like indie music, long walks through cemeteries, and watching surgical procedure videos on the internet. I spend a lot of time smooching my fiancee Lex. Embroidery, SFX makeup, and LARP are my preferred hobbies.


Interested in learning more? I’d love to hear from you.